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Established in 2021, TAP Media Inc, situated on Spring Flower Ave in Las Vegas, is a leading global corporation in technology and media, embodying the core values encapsulated by ours acronym: Technology - Approach - Platform, driving us towards our ultimate desire: to become a global hub for trustworthy information and secure communication. Our company offering the following innovative products

Tap News: An online newspaper dedicated to delivering the fastest, most valuable, and accurate information. As a bridge connecting you to the world, our aim is to be the go-to source for news, keeping you well-informed and engaged.

Yoush Secure Chat Application: A distinctive platform providing secure and private text, voice, and video conversations. With Yoush, we not only facilitate communication but also ensure peace of mind and security with every connection, fostering trust and reliability.

Join Tap Media Inc, where Technology, Approach, and Platform converge for a creative and informative online space. Together, we are building a future where information empowers and connections are secure. Elevate your experience with us today!

Latest Design

Easy to use our chat app, Attractive Features Dark & light.

Fully Responsive

Secure chat, group chat, voice call, video call

Code Clear

All chats are encrypted for the purpose of securing user’s chat content

All-in-one responsive app for you

It is about us being able to offer help with the branding campaign, product presentation, and advertisement running across social media.

Customer First Content-focused Displaying Effects

High Definition Full-screen Sliders & Backgrounds

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Download App

To start using Yoush, download the app from your device's app store. For Android users, open the Google Play Store, search for "Yoush Private Messenger," and tap "Install." iOS users should open the App Store, search for "Yoush Private Messenger," and tap "Get." Once installed, open the app. If prompted, grant necessary permissions for optimal functionality. Congratulations, you've successfully downloaded Yoush and are ready to proceed with registration and setup.

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